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Now you have a unique opportunity to experience the unspoiled authentic Greece from the seaside. With the great yacht Rosa we visit places which can only be approached from the seaside.

Rosa is a 38 foot wood cruiser with room for 4-5 guests. The yacht is built in mahogany by the Danish shipyard Brandt-Møller in 1980. It is equipped with 7 inboard beds, whereas one is a double sided bed.

On Rosa we solve the tasks together; setting sail, pulling the anchor and making the bed. The social life is of the essence and close relations will be apart of the daily life on ROSA.

Gertrud & Peter have more than 20 years of experience sailing in the Mediterranean, and they have thereby developed a close connection to both people and culture. Onboard Rosa you will be able to have a peak on what the ordinary tourists normally would consider "no-man's land".

For many years Gertrud & Peter have challenged youngsters to develop better social and professional skills. This part of their life has now ended. Instead the ship shall be filled with adventurous people with the need for a different and challenging vacation.

One of the islands in Greece we have constantly returned to is the island Folegandros. The Island is magical, partly because of the people who live there and the scenic nature. During the years we have developed a close relationship with Anne Work Papadopolous, leader of the Cycladic Art School and resident on Folegandros.

From Gibraltar over the Canaries to the Caribbean ocean. ROSA has been on many longer cruises with guests onboard. Lately we participated in the EMYR (East Mediterranean Yacht Rally) with a couple of Australian guests onboard. Together with 67 other boats we sailed along the Turkish coast to Cyprus, Syria, Lebanon & Israel.

The wind & weather always decide where we go, thus sailing for every skill level; newcomer or experienced can be challenged. In case of bad weather land trips will be arranged. Range of trips can vary according to individual wishes; however one week is a minimum. The stay on Rosa can be combined with accommodation on Folegandros.

Further information:
Greek mobile: 0030 697 695 4332
Danish mobile: 0045 6092 9094

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