Learn, relax and grow in the magical atmosphere of a Greek island:
Painting, Sailing, Dancing, Diving, Ceramics, Yoga, History, Greek Cooking, Greek Wine.

Imagine school where the classroom is a breathtaking island in the Aegean Sea. Imagine combining your learning experience with an unforgettable holiday filled with inspiration, new friends, pleasure and relaxation. Imagine pursuing personal growth while swimming in azure seas, and immersing yourself in a traditional culture of warmth and simplicity. Since 1984 The Cycladic School has made this all come true, on the little-known island paradise of Folegandros.
We invite you to come and experience it for yourself.

Under the guidance of our hosts, Anne and Fotis Papdopoulos and fourteen other teachers from six different countries, you can expand your knowledge in a range of subjects including:
Painting, Sailing, Dancing, Diving, Ceramics, Yoga, History, Greek Cooking, Greek Wine
and you can even join in the olive harvest.
You'll see authentic island village life unmarked by the passage of time and create memories to last a lifetime. Folegandros is off the beaten track of mass tourism, so your experience will be a very personal one indeed.

No matter the season, Folegandros abounds with temptations. In the spring the hills and fields are carpeted with wild flowers. The traditional Greek Easter celebrations are famous for their gaiety and authenticity, attracting Greek visitors from the mainland who want to enjoy a traditional Greek Easter. In summer you can swim in the tourquoise Aegean water and discover bays where sandy beaches sparkle under blue skies. In late summer and early autumn you can bask in the amazing Greek light and be caressed by soft island breezes under inspiring, dreamy skies. In November you can take part in the olive harvest. To walk on the ancient marble flagstone tracks, winding through this dramatic landscape is a feast for the senses at any time of year. These nature rambles will take you to secret places where ancient monasteries and tiny churches seem to be older than time itself and where the wind has sculpted marble cliffs to create shapes that fire the imagination.

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